Dato’ Rohana Tan Sri Mahmood

Dato’ Rohana Tan Sri Mahmood is the Chairman and Founder of RM Capital Partners. She was also the Chairman and co-Founder of Ethos Capital, a Malaysian private equity fund with proven track record since 2007.The Fund successfully ended in November 2012.

Nagib Abdullah

Nagib Abdullah is the Investment Advisor for RMCP. He was a General Partner at Ethos Capital from its onset till its successful ending in November 2012.

Firdaus Malek
Investment Director

Firdaus Malek is the Investment Director of RMCP with with more than 10 years experience in Financial Industry spanning private equity, digital investment management, fund management, investment strategy, asset liability management, asset allocation, equity trading, quantitative strategy, performance and risk analytics.

Anwar Saiful Bahri
Financial Controller

Anwar Saiful Bahri is the Financial Controller of RMCP with more than 8 years experience in various Finance and Governance functions within the asset management industry covering equity and fixed income.