Project Flux

Flux is a leading company in the Pipeline Inspection and Cleaning industry, with market presence in Malaysia, China, Iran, Argentina, Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei

Project Cups

Cups is one of the leading rigid plastic manufacturers in Malaysia, using high precision extrusion and thermoforming machines from Germany, Italy, Japan and Korea.

Project Aroma

Aroma is one of the natural and halal personal care products manufacturer in manufacturing and trading of natural, organic, herbs-based products. Tanamera Group’s products are Halal certified and manufactured under GMP and ISO certified facilities.

Project Wrap

Wrap is one of the largest stretch-film manufacturing companies in Malaysia, and has been in operations for more than 22 years with market presence in Malaysia, USA, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, and New Zealand.

Project Vision

Vision is the industry leader in inspection solution technology across various industrial sectors including medical, semiconductor, automotive and electronics.