Dato’ Rohana Tan Sri Mahmood

Dato’ Rohana Tan Sri Mahmood is the Chairman and Founder of RM Capital Partners. She was also the Chairman and co-Founder of Ethos Capital, a Malaysian private equity fund with proven track record since 2007.The Fund successfully ended in November 2012.

Salman Ghazali
Managing Partner

Salman Ghazali is a General Partner of RM Capital Partners. Salman has over 10 years experience in corporate and business strategy, business development, investments management and corporate finance.

Sreedhara Naidu
Managing Partner

Sreedhara Naidu is a Managing Partner of RM Capital Partners. Prior to this, Sreedhara was the Managing Director of a performance transformation consulting firm, a Principal at Ethos Consulting, Senior General Manager at Port of Tanjung Pelepas.

Yusoff Iskandar
Investment Director

Yusoff Iskandar is an Investment Director of RM Capital Partners. Yusoff has over 9 years’ experience encompassing Auditing, Financial Reporting, Mergers and Acquisitions and Investments.

Chuang Vi Kie
Investment Manager

Chuang Vi Kie is an Investment Manager of RM Capital Partners. Vi Kie has over 5 years experience in auditing, investment banking, and corporate finance.

Syazwan Zainal
Investment Manager

Syazwan Zainal is an Investment Manager of RM Capital Partners. Syazwan has over 3 years experience in Corporate Finance and have been involved in corporate exercises including IPO, secondary fund raising and take-overs